Siobhan M. Casey

 “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”- Picasso


I completed my Master’s in Fine Arts from Chatham University in 2011 where I studied Poetry and Creative Nonfiction. I worked with Peter Oresick as assistant editor on Chatham’s magazine, The Fourth River: A Journal of Nature and Place Based Writing as well as a Poetry editor for Weave Magazine.  Since graduating I have spent time as editorial intern for Creative Nonfiction and Blast Furnace Review.

My work has been published in Blood Orange Review,  Dash, Susquehanna Review, Shady Side Review, Caper Literary Journal, Rougarou, Monongahela Review, Weave Magazine, and Coal Hill Review. 



3 thoughts on “Siobhan M. Casey

  1. Hi Siobhan, you may recall that I contacted you in 2011 after finding a copy of your Chatham University thesis on Beechwood Boulevard. I thought the poetry in it so good that I’ve kept it all this time. But I will be leaving Pittsburgh soon to return to Australia and won’t be taking it with me. Do you want it back or shall I just dispose of it?

    1. I do remember! Thank you for being a reader. I haven’t been writing lately but am trying to lately. I live in Scranton, PA now but if you want to donate it to a library or pass it along to a friend that would be wonderful. Thank you. This message made my day. But the way, what are you doing in Australia?

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